Payment Methods

Following are the payment methods available to our clients:

Credit cards: A secured and self-operated clearing system on the company website or press the following link:

Helena Translations emphasizes information security and clients execute payment on their own.

  • Bank Transfer:
Bank Name and No. 12 – HaPoalim .
Branch Name and No. . 539 – Lev Holon
Acct. No. 162310
162310 Helena Translations Ltd. .
IBAN IL06-0125-3900-0000-0162-310


  • S. Bank Acct.:
    • Bank Name: PNC Bank
    • Account Name: Erez Ben-Meir
    • Routing No.:031207607
    • No.: 811688378
    • Email for Transfer: [email protected]
  • PayPal – [email protected]
  • Cash payment at our offices – 17 Sacharov St., Rishon LeZion
  • Checks for business customers, monthly payment option available.
  • Business packages: Helena Translations has developed a unique retainer-based model by which it provides services at a predetermined scope and price. The model is suitable for law firms, corporations, businesspeople and customers who regularly operate in various languages.

Helena Translations

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