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Translating การแปล Μετάφραση La traduction תרגום Traducción ትርጉም çeviri 筆譯 käännös traduzione Překlad 翻訳 перевод Übersetzung თარგმანი Переклад превод iberzetsung अनुवाद prijevod fordítás Tłumaczenie Tradução vertaling ترجم traducere Translating

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  • Helena Translations is among the nation’s leading translation companies with multiple joint ventures with companies around the world.
  • Offering over 50 different languages, using a regular cadre of translators and the ability to translate any language combination thanks to exceptional joint ventures with companies around the world.
  • Our extensive experience in the field enables us to identify practical technologies for improving translation efficiency.
  • Evaluating clients according to their professional needs and providing a variety of different services, including: Legal translations, medical translations, marketing translations, website translations, technical translations, transcription services, interpretation and simultaneous translation services and more.
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Financial Translations

Are you thinking of penetrating new markets abroad? You’ll probably need to translate a few important documents. Financial translations cover a wide range of areas,

Legal Translation

The legal arena is among the fields in which translations are most prevalent, where an emphasis is placed on the document accuracy and reliability.  Our

Website Translation

All you need to know about translating your website Nowadays, Globalization is everything! Internet enables us to operate in a “Global Village” in which businesses


Helena Translations is a leader in the translation field with over two decades of experience.

Our translators are native speakers of the target languages, thus ensuring quality translations.

Our customer base includes leading corporations, business enterprises and private individuals, most of them loyal to the company over the years. We have cultivated this loyalty through quality translations, outstanding service and a strong reputation.

The price is calculated per translation units of up to 250 words in the target language, where the number of units varies from one language to the next.

A translation unit consists of up to 250 words in the target language.

We offer multiple payment options:

  • Credit cards.
  • Bank transfer to an Israel and U.S. account.
  • PayPal
  • Checks – Regular business clients.

For further details on payment methods – Press here

Approval by which a lawyer confirms that the translation was performed by a translator on behalf of the translation company.  This approval is usually necessary for various administrative procedures, such as: opening bank accounts, conducting legal proceedings, opening files in various government offices, etc.

The apostille can be divided into two:

  1. Court apostille – Certifies that the lawyer providing the notarial approval is indeed certified by the Ministry of Justice.
  2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs apostille – Certification for official documents issued by the State of Israel, such as: Birth Certificates, Registration Extracts, Name Change Certificates, etc.
  3. Additional certificates, such as Ministry of Religious Affairs certification, are also available.


However, our minimum rate applies to a translation unit of up to 250 words. A document containing fewer than 250 words will be charged as one translation unit.

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