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Information about you is compiled when using the landing page. Some of the information identifies you in person, i.e. by name

and address – that is information that you knowingly disclose when completing the form. Some of the information is not personally

related to you and is not saved with your details. This is statistical and cumulative information, such as the pages you visited,

how you reached the page, IP address and more.


Some of the compiled data will be kept in the Helena Translations Ltd. database.

Use of Information

Use of the compiled information shall be subject to this privacy policy or any legal provisions, in order to:

  • Contact you in order to finalize a transaction
  • Update you on Helena Translations activities
  • Publish a periodic newsletter

Direct E-Mail

Helena Translations Ltd. would sometimes like to e-mail you about its activities.

Such information will only be sent to you upon your explicit consent. You may cancel your consent at any time

and discontinue receiving the newsletter.

The company will not disclose your personal details to advertisers.

Third-Party Disclosure

The company will not disclose your personal details and information to third parties.

The website uses cookies for proper and ongoing operation, inter alia in order to compile

statistical data about website use, to verify details, to adapt the site to your preferences

and for information security purposes.

Modern browsers allow you to avoid receiving cookies. If you do not know how to do that, check

your browser’s help file.

Information Security

The company applies updated information security systems and procedures. While such systems and procedures

reduce the risk of unauthorized penetration, they do not guarantee absolute security. Therefore, the company

does not undertake that its services shall be absolutely resistant to unauthorized access to the information stored therein.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Where any substantial changes are made to this policy, relating to use of the personal information that you provided,

notice thereof will appear on the company’s home page.

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